If you are prepared to but your website on the World Wide Web one of the final steps is to secure a web hosting service. Web design hosting comes in a variety of forms. The choices range from free web design hosting services that lack the bells and whistles of other, more expensive services. Some computer savvy people can even run the hosting themselves. Taking the above options into consideration requires you to consider your investment of time, money, and the way you wish to use your website.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are usually the first choice for people that wish to launch at web page. Many ISPs offer free web space and a toolbox of accessories you can use to put pages online without much complexity. This type of web design hosting is good for small, low traffic sites.

Free web hosting is another option for your web design hosting needs.  Most free web hosting services have an abundance of features. While this is a reliable option for web design hosting you will find that banners and other advertising will be place liberally on your site to pay for the free service. Businesses should not be hosted on a free site.

Paid hosting services offer more features than the previous examples.  You will have to pay a monthly fee in order to use the hosting site. These fees can range from mere dollars a month to hundreds of dollars, depending on services required. On paid hosting services you are likely to find features like CGI, ASP, SSL, increased bandwidth, and more.

Domain hosting is perfect for today’s small business. With this option you simply buy a domain and the domain provider will send requests directly to the website. This is an inexpensive option and gives businesses control over their URL.

Collocation allows businesses to run their own network infrastructure but do not want the responsibility of maintaining it. With this option you have complete control over the site, but have to pay a fee for maintenance.

Direct internet access is another web design hosting option. Here, you have complete control over your server. Large companies often choose this path as it gives them complete control over their Internet access and web development.